"Yoav's music is visually inspiring; It took me to the nature, to the rain, sunshine and awakening of spring! I was flying as a seagull over the Mediterranean or watching the Northern Lights as a fox"

Kirsi Aaltonen, Finland

 "You can dream into the heart of a fragile child. These melodies are just a soul dancing into the waves with a beautiful purpose."

Juan Sabas Rico, Colombia

"Yoav meets you at the heart level. He travels the world and leaves everywhere he goes, a touch" 

 C. Gruber, Germany

"A piano melody that has given me strength"

Awais Ali, Pakistan

"Yoav Ilan has crossed the ocean, to fill my heart with his music..."   

Musica Creativa, Argentina

"Stories Without Words is a hidden masterpiece... A simple melody with warmth and freshness"

Inpartmaint Music Inc. , Japan




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